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HR ABAP - Finding Job Code For Position.


*---data base tables used
tables: hrp1000.

*---types declaration
types: begin of ty_job,
plvar type hrp1000-plvar,
otype type hrp1000-otype,
objid type hrp1000-objid,
istat type hrp1000-istat,
langu type hrp1000-langu,
seqnr type hrp1000-seqnr,
short type hrp1000-short,
end of ty_job .

*---internal table declaration
data: it_job type standard table of ty_job with header line.

*---selection screen details
select-options:s_stell for hrp1000-objid.

*--start of selection

perform get_data.

*--- end of selection

perform display_result.
*& Form get_data
form get_data .

SELECT plvar otype objid istat
langu seqnr short
FROM hrp1000
INTO table it_job
WHERE plvar = '01'
AND otype = 'C'
AND objid in s_stell
AND istat = '1'
and BEGDA <= sy-datum and ENDDA >= sy-datum
AND langu = sy-langu
AND seqnr = '000' .

endform. " get_data
*& Form display_result
form display_result .

loop at it_job.
write:/1 it_job-plvar,
20 it_job-otype ,
35 it_job-objid ,
40 it_job-istat ,
55 it_job-langu ,
70 it_job-seqnr ,
105 it_job-short .

endform. " display_result


- Finding Job Code For Position.

- Ordering (Descending ) Org. Unit For An Organization.

- Display Details about Organization unit, Position or Job In HR ABAP.

- First & Last Working Date Of An Employee.

- Get All The Existing Organization Units.

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