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Sample Code For Do Varying In HR ABAP

*---This is a common thing in HRABAP where there is a necessisity to read the data
*---from wage types from info type 0008, info type 0025, info type 0041. I am giving
*---a simple example for one of them

data : it_pa0008 like pa0008 occurs 0 with header line.

data : begin of it_temp occurs 0,

lga01 like pa0008-lga01,

bet01 like pa0008-bet01,

end of it_temp.

do 20 times

varying it_temp-lga01 from it_pa0008-lga01 next it_pa0008-lga02

varying it_temp-bet01 from it_pa0008-bet01 next it_pa0008-bet02.



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