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Sample Programs on BDC:-

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- BDC For Open Sales Order - SD (VA01).

- BDC Program To Upload Material Master Data (MM01).

- BDC Program For Vendor XK01.

- BDC Program To Send Mails And Trigger Jobs.

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- BDC Program To Load The Material Assignment Of Routing (CA02) - PP.

- Sample Code To Handle Multiple Records In BDC Table Control (IB01).

- HR ABAP - BDC For Uploading Absence Data Into PA30 Transaction.

- HR ABAP - BDC To Upload The OM Relations Through T-code PO13.

- HR ABAP - BDC Upload For The Org Unit Relationship Through T-Code PO10.

- HR ABAP - BDC For The Action Transfer Of Location.

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