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Real Estate Transactions

RECABDTSCR Manager Subscreens in BDT
RECABT Generate BDT Subscreen Containers
RECACC Check Customizing Settings
RECACDOBJREL Change Doc. Objects per Object Type
RECAGUICUST System Settings: Interface
RECALN Number Range Maint: RECALOG
RECALP Param. for Log Overview (Internal)
RECARECURNO Number Range Maintenance: RECARECUR
RECARSCN Process Dates for Contracts
RECARSGEN Generate Reminder Dates
RECARSGENCN Generate Dates for Contracts
RECASTATOBJ Possible Status Activ. per Obj.Type
RECATM Manage Text Modules
RECAWBLIST Overview Lists per Object Type
RECAWBNAVTOOL Navigation Tools in Navigator
RECAWBREQTOOL Tools for RE Workbench Requests
RECAWBTYPE Object Types in the Workbench
RECPA100 General Corresp.(Arch.Obj.)
RECPA110 Master Data Summary(Arch.Obj.)
RECPA120 General Correspondence (BE)
RECPA130 Master Data Summary (BE)
RECPA140 General Letter (Land)
RECPA150 Master Data Summary (Land)
RECPA160 General Correspondence (Buildings)
RECPA170 Master Data Summary (Buildings)
RECPA180 General Correspondence (RO)
RECPA190 Master Data Summary (Rental Object)
RECPA200 General Letter (Parcel)
RECPA210 Master Data Summary (Parcel)
RECPA220 General Letter (Parcel Update)
RECPA230 Master Data Summary (Parcel Update)
RECPA240 General Letter (Land Register)
RECPA250 Master Data Summary (Land Register)
RECPA260 General Letter (Public Register)
RECPA270 Master Data Summ. (Public Register)
RECPA280 General Letter (Notice of Assessmt)
RECPA290 Master Data Summ.(Notice of Assessmt
RECPA330 General Letter (RE Search Request)
RECPA340 Master Data Summary (RE Search Req.)
RECPA350 RE Search Request
RECPA360 General Letter (Contract Offer)
RECPA370 Master Data Summary (Contract Offer)
RECPA380 Contract Offer
RECPA390 Lease Abstract
RECPA400 General Correspondence
RECPA410 Master Data Summary
RECPA420 Contract Form
RECPA440 General Letter (Adjustment Measure)
RECPA460 Master Data Summary (Adj. Measure)
RECPA500 Contract Account Sheet
RECPA520 Invoice for Rent
RECPA550 Service Charge Settlement
RECPA560 COA Settlement
RECPA562 Annual Budget
RECPA564 Tenant Settlement
RECPA566 Statement of Reserve Fund
RECPA570 Sales-Based Settlement
RECPA580 Sales Report
RECPA590 Reminder of Missing Sales Reports
RECPA600 Adjustment
RECPA610 Approve Adjustment
RECPA620 Adjustment Approval Reminder
RECPA630 Notify About Adjustment
RECPA700 Notice/Confirmation of Notice
RECPDOC Overview of Created Documents
RECPYA Basic Settings and Doc. Templates
RECPYX Supported Object Types
RECPZA Basic Settings
RECPZE Correspondence activities
RECPZF Correspondence Applications
RECPZR Output Documents
RECPZX Supported Object Types
RECPZY Supported Corresp.Applications
RECRWF Customizing Workflow Recruitmnt Form
RECTHP01 IDE: Generation of FI Vendor Posting
RECTHP02 IDE: Generation of FI Vendor Posting
REBDAO Process Architectural Object
REBDAOAR Archive Architectural Objects
REBDAOARE Display Architectural Objects
REBDAOCHECK Mass Check: Architect. Objects
REBDAORP Change Person Resp.: Arch. Objects
REBDBE Process Business Entity
REBDBEAR Archive Business Entities
REBDBEARE Display Business Entities
REBDBU Process Building
REBDBUAR Archive Buildings
REBDBUARE Display building
REBDCACHECK Mass Check: Usage Objects
REBDCARP Change Person Resp.: Usage Objects
REBDCOBJASSTYPE Object Assignment Types
REBDCOBJASSUSED Object Types for Obj. Assign. Types
REBDCOBJTYPEASS Obj.Assignment Types per Object Type
REBDDEFPS Definition of Pooled Space
REBDFIXFITCHAR Fixt./Fittings Characteristics
REBDMSA Maintain Measurement Types
REBDOCC Occupancy Planning of Architecture
REBDOCCUSE Occupancy Planning of Usage
REBDPR Process Property
REBDPRAR Archive Land
REBDPRARE Display Properties
REBDRO Process Rental Object
REBDROAR Archive Rental Objects
REBDROARE Display Rental Objects
REBDROCFAR Archive Cash Flow of Rental Objects
REBDROCFARE Display Cash Flow of Rental Objects
REBDRSRETURN End Rental Spaces
REBDTIVBDMEASRO Cust:Maint. Msrmnt Type per Usg Type
REBDTIVBDROFSTATUS Cust: Maintain Field Grp per UsgType
REBDTIVBDROUSGREL Cust: Maintain Usg Type per RO Type

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