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Business Data Toolset is the customization tool given by sap for the Real Estate Transactions. With this you can maintain the Generic Framework for maintaining master and transactional data.

The main advantages are :

Configurability : Easy to configure screen layouts

Extensibility : Additional attributes can be added without modifications

Divisibility : Attributes can be separated according to the business context Layer

Architecture : Separation of user interface and business logic

Only extension options for the application user can be used in the real estate one or more applications can be used partners and customers can design their own applications applications can activated and deactivated individually.

This will contain separate function groups for each application contains subscreens with additional fields of the application communication with BDT framework via function module BDT

Events :
ISSTA : Initialization
ISDAT : Reading Data
FCODE : Processing Function Module
XCHNG : Data changed
DCHCK : check before saving
DSAVC : Complating Data
DSAVE : Saving to Database
FMOD2 : Field modification

This will requires :
1. Field Groups
3. Screens
4. Screen Sequence

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