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ABAP - Creating An HR Infotype Step By Step.

Creating Organization Management Info types

Check the non-existence of the info type

1. Check first whether they is any info type with the given number in the tables T582A and T777D. If there is no entry with the given number then you need to create the info type with this number.

2. Go to SE11 and create a data type with the prefix HRI9334(example)

Choose create--->structure

Fill the fields of type or any that you want to add --->save and activate it.
(there may be some warnings ignore warnings if you did not follow standards for naming convention ).

3. Go to transaction code PPCI .
Enter the info type number: 9334
and name : test infotype org man
choose create---> (f5)

It will display the screen like this..

Choose create then it will ask for you to create info type with a pop up menu .

Choose YES to create, it will show an information message that the info type was created.

4. Go to transaction code SM30---> give the table name T777I.....choose--> maintain

Select the info type that you created and double click on the time constatint

Then choose new entries...fill the values like this....

1. Object type must be * to allow all the object types.
Some of the objects are given below.
O--> Organizational unit
S--> Position
P--> Person
C--> Job
I1--> Personnel subarea
I2--> Employee subgroup
I3--> Employee group
IA--> Company
IC--> Company code

2. info type 9334

3.time constraint 1( may be you can give other values from 0 to 3 )
0---> may only exist once
1---> without gaps
2---> with gaps
3---> as often as required

Save it under a transport request

Then click on the info types per object type---->new entries

1. Object type: O ( for Organization)
2. Info type :9334

Then save it .

5. Go to PO10 transaction--->Select the info type you created. Give any organization unit which is existing in the current plan. You can choose the entries from the f4 help

Choose create--->

and Save it.

6. Check whether data is available in the info type HRP9334 or not.


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