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ABAP - Disable The User Password.

Here is the best example for disabling the users password . please let me know if there is any thing needed .

REPORT Zdisablepassword.

tables: usr02.

types: begin of ty_users .

include structure usr02 .

types: end of ty_users.

data: it_users type table of ty_users with header line .

select-options: s_users for usr02-bname.


select * from usr02

into table it_users

where bname in s_users.

loop at it_users.

it_users-codvn = 'X'.

clear it_users-bcode.

write:/1(35) sy-uline.

write: /1 sy-vline ,

2 'Deactivating ' color 7,

22 it_users-bname color 5,

35 sy-vline.

write:/1(35) sy-uline.

update usr02.

endloop .

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