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ABAP - Display All The Columns Of A Table In ALV Grid Using Class CL_SALV_TABLE.

Suppose I have an internal table of the length of the database table. Means suppose I have an internal table declared like this .

Data : it_mara type table of mara. (I am currently working with ecc6) .

Here in the mara table I have 220 fields , I want to show all the columns in the output . For this I am using class CL_SALV_TABLE .

this will work best with the higher version . generally it is not possible to display all fields , not all the fields but atleast nearly 80 fields in the alv display , but here it is possible to display all the fields .


data: it_mara type table of mara,

g_table type ref to cl_salv_table,

g_functions type ref to cl_salv_functions,

g_display type ref to cl_salv_display_settings.


Select * into table it_mara from mara up to 10 rows.

cl_salv_table=>factory( importing r_salv_table = g_table changing t_table = it_mara ).

g_functions = g_table->get_functions( ).

g_functions->set_all( abap_true ).

g_table->display( ).

After execution of the program I got 200 plus fields in the output .


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