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ABAP - Create A Link Between Classic BADI & Enhancement Spot.

If you create a classic BAdI in SAP BASIS Release 6.40 and below and create an enhancement spot in SAP BASIS Release 700 and above, you need to establish a link between Classic BAdI and enhancement spot. This is necessary as when customer upgrades from a SAP BASIS Release 6.40 or below to SAP BASIS Release 700 and above, then the implementation created before is not available anymore.

To create this link you need to run the report 'ENH_BADI_ADD_MIGR_INFO' in your system. On executing the report you will need to fill in 3 input boxes. You need to fill in the following:

ENHSPOT - Name of an Enhancement Spot

BADINAME - Name of a BAdI in Enhancement Framework

MIG_BADI - Classic BAdI name in lower releases.

On executing this report a link is created.

This can be done if the BAdI is not yet delivered to the customer. But if it is delivered without the link between classic BAdI and Enhancement spot. Then in addition to running this report, you also need to execute the function module 'ENHS_AFTER_IMPORT' for creating an entry in SPAU transaction. You can write a report as given below and run it.

data: wa type e071,
tab type table of e071,
empty_tab type table of e071K.
wa-pgmid = 'R3TR'.
wa-object = 'ENHS'.
wa-obj_name = 'BDT_XCHNG_CREATE_SET'.
append wa to tab.
call function 'ENHS_AFTER_IMPORT'
TT_E071 = tab
TT_E071K = empty_tab.

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