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ABAP - Sample Program On Dynamic Documents Objects.

Dynamic documents allow you to create HTML like document screens. Click here for examples.
Demonstration SAP programs which use direct document objects all start with 'DD_'. So you could
either perform a value help on 'dd_*' or look below for example dynamic document prog*DD Programs
DD_ADD_FORM_BUTTON Buttons on Forms of Dynamic Documents
DD_ADD_FORM_INPUT Interactive Elements: Forms with Buttons
DD_ADD_LINK Interactive Elements: Links
DD_ADD_LINK_SCROLLED Interactive Elements: Links
DD_ADD_PICTURE Display of SAP icons and pictures stored
in the BDS
DD_ADD_TABLE Tables in Dynamic Documents
DD_ADD_TEXT Text output in dynamic documents
DD_ALV_FREE_TOP ALV use with definable page header
DD_ALV_STANDARD_TOP ALV use with standard page header
DD_CORRECT_TYPD_TRDIR DDIC: Correct SUBC Entries for Type Groups
DD_F4_START_INDX Starts indexing to synchronize an
external index
DD_KEN_HELP_TYPES_GENERAL Show help objects from Info Repository
DD_KH_KONTEXT Display online docu (HTML Browser) for a
DD_SIMPLE_ALV_TOP Demo Program Change of ALV TOP with
Dynamic Documents
DD_SPLIT_DOCUMENT Distribution of areas on dynamic documents
DD_STYLE_TABLE Style types and list colours for dynamic
documents, print

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