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ABAP - Download Data From Application Server Files To Presentation Server Using FM C13Z_APPL_TO_FRONT_END.

Use the Function :

C13Z_APPL_TO_FRONT_END to download the data from the Application server to Presentation.
This has to be restricted due to the functionality for the user can download any file to PC.

So the file name has to be checked to restrict the user downloading any file to his PC.

Since it's not possible to download data to presentation server in background, we first download the data to application server file, then read this application server file and save it to presentation server in foreground, which ideally means each such download program requires another program which takes the file structure into consideration and download it to presentation server.


- Creating A Directory On Presentation Server Using FM GUI_CREATE_DIRECTORY.

- Removing A Directory From Presentation Server Using FM GUI_REMOVE_DIRECTORY.

- Removing A File From Presentation Server Using FM GUI_DELETE_FILE.

- ZIP Files In Application Server Using FM SCMS_XSTRING_TO_BINARY.

- Saving Files To Presentation Server Using Methods.


- Sample Programs On Uploading & Downloading Files.

- Sample Programs On HR ABAP.

- Sample Report Programs On ALV List/ Grid Display.

- Sample Programs On Selection Screen.

- Sample Programs On BDC.

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