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ABAP/4 Development Workbench

The development environment of SAP R/3 system is fully integrated set of various development tools, data dictionary, and programming language. Full integration of all components means that changes in any part have a direct and immediate effect on all application using those components.

The screen of ABAP/4 development workbench looks like

Tools of ABAP/4 workbench

For programming:
• ABAP/4 dictionary Defining, maintaining and storing the data dictionary of the SAP R/3 system stores all the dictionary objects including tables relationship and Help information. Transaction code for this is SE11.
• ABAP/4 editor Creating and maintaining the ABAP/4 program, editing function modules, logical database, and screens. Transaction code is SE38.
• Function library Defining and maintaining the ABAP/4 function modules. Transaction code is SE37.
• Screen painter Designing and maintaining the screens in transaction. Transaction Code is SE51.
• Menu painter Designing and maintaining the means for graphical user interface. Transaction code SE41.

For Navigating:
• Object browser Managing and organizing the development object in a hierarchical form. Transaction code is SE80.
• ABAP/4 repository information Navigating and searching for the dictionary Objects, development objects and relationship objects. Transaction code SE84.
• Data browser Navigating in the data tables of the database. Transaction code is SE 16.

For Debugging:
• SOL trace tracking the database calls from the system transaction and programs. Transaction code is ST05.
• Debugger Stopping the program and analyzing the results of the execution of every program statement.
• Runtime Analysis Analyzing the performance the system calls Transaction code is SE30

For Organizing:
• Workbench organizer controlling and keeping track of development work and team related development projects and managing versions of development objects. Transaction code is SE09.
• Transport system performing and managing the transport of development object across different system. Transaction code is SE01

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