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How To Logon To SAP

Client: Here you enter the client number. The client is group of users who has similar rights. It can be group of users in a business entity or a whole business entity or a whole company.

User: The name of the SAP user identification. Users of the SAP system are client-specific, which means that user belonging to one client is valid to only the particular client.

Password: It is the password that has been assigned by the system administrator.

Language: SAP R/3 system supports multinational language on the same system at the same time, which is very useful for multinational companies with different branches in several countries and possibly using different languages.

After entering all the fields press ENTER key and system will take you to MAIN MENU screen.

User might get different screens when he logs on, depending upon default settings of the user master record i.e., if user is DEVELOPER then the screen which he often works on is editor screen and he can go directly to this screen, if system administrator sets this screen for the user.

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