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Introduction To Transaction(T-Codes / SE93) In SAP ABAP.

Transaction, in R/3 system is an operation that lets the user make necessary changes to the database. The entire R/3 system is nothing but set of business transaction. The data transfer from old system to SAP R/3 database, or modifying data, or deleting data, which is not required, is done through transaction.

For SAP system, Transaction is nothing but sequence of steps called as dialog steps and for user it is sequence of screens that appears one after the other depending upon the option he selects. The special transaction monitor called the SAP dispatcher handles the sequence of steps that takes place in any transaction. The main task of transaction is to update database table. The database table is not updated until a transaction is completed. All changes can be rolled back if the transaction has not finished.

The transaction contains two steps which are as following:

• Interactive phase: In this step, user enters the data, which needs to be inserted or deleted or modified on to the screen. There can be single screen or multiple screens depending upon the transaction. So this step can consist of single step or multiple steps. In this phase you prepare database record.

• Update phase: This phase processes the database record and updates the database table. Actual updating of database table takes place in this phase.

All the transactions are associated with transaction code. And all these codes are stored in a table TSTC.

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