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Important Features of SAP Screens.

• R/3 standard window elements behave exactly the same, as any other standard window application would, like minimizing a screen, setting the active window etc.

• From TOP to BOTTOM, R/3 window can contain typical elements such as check boxes, push buttons, input fields and following elements:

• Menu bar is the first element of the every R/3 window. It contains the menu item corresponding to the particular R/3 application. The two menu options SYSTEM and HELP are always present in every R/3 window. SYSTEM menu option contains all utilities and functions, and is available to user at all the times. 

The HELP menu contains all the available options for the different types and methods of obtaining online help in the system.

• Standard tool bar. The second R/3 window element is present in every R/3 window. It is nothing but a collection of icons, which perform common functions like saving the object, exit etc. The various icons on std. Tool bar are as follows (from left to right):

Enter Command Field Save Back
Exit Cancel Print Find
Find Next First Page Previous Page Next Page
Last Page Help

All icons in R/3 window application support FOCUS property. It means, if you place cursor over an icon, the system will show the function of the icon.

• Application tool bar: The next part of the screen contains icons most commonly used in that particular task or transaction.

• Status bar is the bottom line of the screen and usually shows errors or information messages to the user. It also includes other information such as system id, session number, client, server name and the response time.

In between application tool bar and status bar you have working area, which is different for different screens.

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