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General Introduction to ABAP/4

SAP originally developed the programming language ABAP/4 (Advanced Business Application Programming) for internal use to provide best working conditions for developers. SAP constantly improves the language to adapt to the increasing requirements of the business applications. At present, ABAP/4 is the only tool for developing applications at SAP.

SAP customers use ABAP/4 for their own developments. The ABAP/4 Development Workbench contains all tools you need to create and maintain ABAP/4 programs. ABAP/4 programs are not complied but generated. During generation, the system creates a so-called runtime object from the source code and the program attributes. When you start the program, the system executes the runtime object.

ABAP/4, a fourth generation language, contains all usual control structures and modularizing concepts for structured programming. The three parts of the ABAP/4 language are:

Structure and execution of ABAP/4 programs
Basic language elements
Programming reports
Programming dialogs

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