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Interactive Reports - SAP ABAP.

About interactive report

A classical report consists of one program that creates a single list. This means that when the list is displayed, it has to contain all the requested data, regardless of the number of details the user want to see. This procedure may result in extensive and cluttered lists from which the user has to pick the relevant data. The desired selections must be made before hand and the report must provide detailed information.

This is not possible using the classical report and for this ABAP/4 has provided reporting feature called INTERACTIVE REPORT. The list produced by classical report doesn’t allow user to interact with the system but the list produced by interactive report allows the user to interact with the system i.e., user can tell the system, that he needs further information. Depending upon what the user tells the system, the action is taken. Interactive reporting thus reduces information retrieval to the data actually required.

Interactive reporting allows the user to participate in retrieving and presenting data at each level during the session. Instead of presenting one extensive and detailed list with cluttered information, with interactive reporting you can create a condensed basic list from which the user can call detailed information by positioning the cursor and entering commands.

Detailed information is presented in secondary lists. A secondary list may either overlay the basic list completely or appear in an additional dialog window on the same screen. The secondary list can itself be interactive again. The basic list is not deleted when secondary list is created.

User can interact with the system by:
• Double clicking or pressing F2
• Selecting menu option

Like classical report, the interactive report is also event driven. Both the action mentioned above trigger events and code is written to handle these events. The events triggered by this action are as follows:

• At line-selection
• At user-command

• Top-of-Page During Line-Selection for Secondary Page Header info

Interactive report consists of one BASIC list and 20 secondary list. Basic list is produced by START-OF-SELECTION event. When the user double clicks on the basic list or chooses the menu option, the secondary list is produced. All the events associated with classical report except end-of-page are applicable only to basic list.

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