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SAP ABAP - Step Loops - Types & How To Create.

Step Loops are type of screen table as already mentioned. Step loops are repeated blocks of field in a screen. Each block contains one or more fields and these blocks are repeated. Step loops aren’t like actual table. You can scroll vertically but not horizontally. Three steps are associated with creation of step loops:

• Creation of step loops on screen, which includes declaring fields on the screen and then defining the step, loops for these fields.
• Passing data to the step loop is exactly similar to the passing of data to table controls.
• In step loop, you don’t need to define the step loop as such in the module pool program but the cursor needs to be defined in the program.

Types of Step Loops

• Static – Static Step Loop (SSL) have fixed size that cannot be changed during the runtime. If user resizes the window, the size of the static step loop is not changed.
• Dynamic – Dynamic Step Loop (DSL) is variable in size. When the user resizes the window, the system increases or decreases the number of the step loop blocks.

You can have only one dynamic step loop and can have as many static loops in your transaction.

Programming with the Static and dynamic step loop is exactly same. For the system or for the user it doesn’t make any difference whether it is static or dynamic step loop. Only attribute, which you fix during designing of the step loop, is type attribute for step loop F for fixed i.e static and V for variable i.e. dynamic.

Writing code for Step Loop in the flow logic.
Loop at itab cursor cl.
Module set.
Loop at itab.
* Empty loop is must for both table control and step loop
LOOP AT statement for step loops and Table controls is similar. Loop At statement transfers the data to screen table. You need to have the Module to assign the values for the screen table.

In module pool program you need to define the cursor.
Date: CL TYPE i.
* Cursor parameter tells which line of step loop display should start.
“Module Set” in module pool program assigns the values to step loop fields, which is similar to table controls.

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