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Getting Help In The R/3 System.

R/3 includes many possibilities to get online help for almost every element of the system, users can get help for entire application, for specific function, for definitions of various terms used in SAP, i.e., Glossary, messages, screens, fields etc.

You obtain HELP by using any of the following options:

Help function from the R/3 window, which is compulsory menu item of every R/3 window.
• ? Icon of standard tool bar.
F1 function key.

The SAP system provides help on most fields that appear on the R/3 system. To get help on particular field, position the cursor over it and press help button or F1 function key.

Another way in which R/3 system provides help is when system displays error messages in the status bar. Double clicking on the status bar shows additional information about the message.

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