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SAP - All About Workbench Organizer.

SAP recommends three types of systems for implementation purpose:

• Development System
• Test System
• Production System

Though number of systems used by an organization depends upon many factors such as size of implementation, budget etc. However even in the smallest installation, a second system is a must.

Development system
Development system is the system where the actual development takes place. Normally the development is carried out for objects and these objects are original for these systems.

Test system
Also known as quality assurance system and are used to test the objects. You can test objects on development system also, but on Test System the object is tested against real data. When the tests are validated the development objects are transported to the production system.

Production System
The production system is where the end user enters real business data and where the actual business runs. No development takes place in this system. You need to transfer the object from test system to production system.

Developer creates the objects in the development system, these objects are transported to the Test system to test them against the real data and when validated, these objects are transported to the Production System.

To transport these objects from one system to another, ABAP/4 development work bench provides the tool called Work bench organizer which is also used to manage activities that are important in the overall development environment.

Example, for these activities are.

• The management and control of new development requests.
• Modification of objects
• Version management

In a distributed environment, workbench Organizer transports the development object between different SAP systems. In the following example, the objects are transported from the development system to production system.

E.g., between development and Production System

Develop System: New Development No development

Workbench Organizer:

The most puzzling topic of R3 system is intended to help functions for system development.

Concepts of workbench:

Development objects: Workbench records and controls change to existing development objects as well as new objects. A development object is an object created in R/3 system. (Program, Screens, Function modules.)

Dictionary objects: Tables, Domains, Match code objects, Data Elements.

The workbench is fully integrated into the ABAP/4 development workbench:

Development Classes: A Development class classifies the objects belonging to the same development project. When a user creates a object in R/3 system, the object needs to be stored in a particular development class. The development class are objects themselves. In R/3 system you can store objects.

• In local object i.e. object is stored in $tmp class and cannot be transported from one system to another.

• User can assign his own development class and can be transported.

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