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AT LINE-SELECTION Event In Interactive Report Programming

Double clicking is the way most users navigate through programs. Double clicking on basic list or any secondary list triggers the event AT LINE-SELECTION. SY-LSIND denotes the index of the list currently created. For BASIC list it is always 0. Following piece of code shows how to handle the event.

Write: / ‘this is basic list’.
At line-selection.
Write : ‘this is first secondary list’.

In this case the output will be displayed on basic list i.e.
This is basic list.

When user double clicks on this line, the event at line-selection gets triggered and secondary list is produced, i.e.

This is first secondary list.

You can go back to basic list by clicking on F3 or back icon on the standard tool bar. For this list, the value of sy-lsind will be 1.

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