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Using Variants with selection criteria in reports of sap abap

In many cases you need report to execute report at regular interval for certain fixed values of selection criteria. That means each times you execute the report you need to enter its values again and again. ABAP/4 provides the facility by which you can define the values for selection screen and store it. Using VARIANTS can do this. It can be defined as group of values used for selection criteria while executing report. For a particular report, you create a variant which means variant created for particular report cannot be used for another report. The group of values for the selection criteria is saved and assigned a variant name. So every time you call a report, you need not specify the values for selection criteria but instead call the variant thus avoiding extra typing. User can have many variants for a single report. Each of them can be used as different type of information. For example, if a manager wants to see how an employee in personnel department or admin department has performed. He need not enter the department, one has to just execute the report with variant. In case he doesn’t know about the variant, which is available, he can display list of variants attached to the report and values assigned to each variant.

Creating variant

• Execute the report program. The selection screen is displayed.
• Enter the values for selection screen and click on saves.
- System displays the variant screen
• Enter the variant name and description for it.
• Save it.

Usually the variants are useful when you need to execute the report in background, which will be discussed in background processing.

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