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STRING OPERATIONS programs in sap abap

Accept a string and determine its length

2 Accept a string & number. Write the string that many number of times.

3 Accept two strings and swap their contents.

4 Accept two strings and concatenate into one string.

5 Accept one string with delimiter ( , or ; ) and split it into two strings.

6 Accept a string ‘abcdef’ and use shift , shift right, shift up to ‘def’.

7 Accept a string eg. Apple. Change first occurrence of ‘p’ to ‘b’.
(use ‘replace’ command)

8 Accept a string eg. Apple. Change all occurrences of ‘p’ to ‘b’.
(use ‘translate’ command)

9 Accept two strings and compare the two strings using ‘co’, ‘ca’, ‘cs’
‘cp’ (out put shall be ‘true’ or ‘false’ for each comparison.)

10 Accept a string ‘ABCDEF’. Output only ‘DEF’ using offset command.

11 Accept first name, last name and middle name
eg. Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao
display as N.T.Ramarao

12 Accept a string. Change all occurrences of a to b.

13 Accept a number and swap first and last digit of the same.

14 Accept a string and display the string in reverse order

15 Accept a string and check for palindrome

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