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database table creation in SAP

Parameters to be passed for creation of table:

Short description: Mandatory field.
Delivery class: As per User Requirement
Table fields: Specify whether primary key. In this case it is mandatory to enter data element.
Data class: Establishes the physical area of the database.
Size category: Allows you to specify estimated space requirement for the table.

Further down under buffering square box, the system allows specifying whether table is going to be buffered. When a table is buffered, it is loaded into the table buffer from the application server memory and it will remain there until you switch off or reboot system.

If the table is to be buffered, you need to specify the type of buffering. Full is for entire table while partial is for only those records which are being accessed.

Once the table is created, it has to be generated or activated to be able to access by other objects like programs.

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