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Working With R/3 User Sessions

A very important feature provided by SAP. In R/3 system you can work with more than one task at any given point of time, by means of opening sessions. You can call sessions as independent R/3 window where you can perform other tasks.

By default, a user can open NINE sessions simultaneously and can work or move around with all sessions at the same time. Sessions can be closed at any time, without having to log off the system.

User can create new sessions from anywhere as CREATE SESSION comes under SYSTEM menu which is available in every R/3 window.

SYSTEM  CREATE SESSION Or /O in command field
This will open a new session or window and will place it in front of all other windows.

To move among sessions
• Just mouse click on any part of the R/3 window to make that session active.
• Combination of ALT + TAB key.

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