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How To Use Transaction Codes In SAP

The R/3 system provides an alternative and efficient way of selecting menu options for moving around the tasks and functions of the SAP system by using transaction code directly in the command field.

When moving with transaction, you can go to any part of the system by merely typing a transaction code in the command field, provided you have authorization for that. That transaction code is the four-character code associated with any task. By typing the transaction code and pressing ENTER key, the system takes you directly to the initial screen for transaction. Whenever any transaction code is entered in the command field, it gets stored in the buffer memory. If you click on drop down arrow, system displays list of transaction code already entered and you can select from this list or enter new one. There are almost twelve thousand and ninety four transactions in SAP. For every task, transaction code is associated and it can be found by

Status window is popped up which contains the transaction code in the trans field.

• Through DYNAMIC MENU. It gives the list of tasks. If you click on the top line of the application areas and pressing the search and search next button will give you the transaction code. /N will take you to initial screen of R/3

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